Sacra Famiglia

Sacra Famiglia

Dosso Dossi (Giovanni Luteri, Ferrara 1489 ca. - 1542)

1528 (circa)
Material and technique: 
oil on canvas
cm 236 x 171
Rome, Pio Private Collection ( until 1750)
PC 1

Sacra famiglia with the Madonna on the left, seated on the second step of a grey stone staircase, her torso twisting to the right and her arms in the act of holding an open illuminated manuscript; her head is turned towards her son, to whom she seems to be pointing at a passage in the text. The Child, nude, in left profile, stretches his arms towards his mother and is supported by San Giuseppe, standing, on the right of the composition. In the background to the right is a lake landscape.

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

Sala II - Il Cinquecento a Ferrara

The room houses paintings coming from Ferrara, the capital of a small independent duchy, ruled by the Este family, whose polished court attracted many writers and artists. The formal elegance is the main element of the artistic production of Ferrara, one of the main centres of Italian Renaissance.

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