Colossal statue restored as Oceanus: Marforio

Statua colossale restaurata come Oceano: "Marforio"
1rst century AD
Material and technique: 
dalla testa alla superficie del basamento alt. 242 cm, larg. 610 cm, statua e basamento larg. 610 cm
Roma, Chiesa dei Ss. Luca e Martina (until 1592)
S 1

The deity, with thick hair and beard, is depicted semi-nude, with a cloak covering part of one shoulder and his legs. Due to the lack of specific attributes, it is difficult to identify a specific river: the Rhine, the Nilo, the Tevere or, more likely, the Oceano have been thought of.
Known as Marforio, it is one of the six 'talking statues' of Rome, together with Pasquino, Abate Luigi, Babuino, Madama Lucrezia and the so-called Statua del Facchino: on the body of these statues were affixed violent and anonymous satires in verse addressed to the characters in vogue in 14th and 15th century Rome, as an expression of popular discontent with the upper class that held power and control of the city.

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

Palazzo Nuovo - Cortile

The large central niche in the end wall features a large fountain with the colossal statue of a River god, known as Marforio. 
The three large grey granite pillars with a relief frieze portraying Egyptian high priests originate from the sanctuary of Isis and Serapis in the Campus Martius

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