Routes for blind and visually impaired visitors

The Musei Capitolini are equipped with permanent tactile supports that allow blind and visually impaired visitors to explore and learn about some of the most important works on display in the museums.
The didactic aids, tactile books and panels, have been prepared by the Direction of the Musei Capitolini in collaboration with the Museum Association. Their availability is the result of the attention that has been paid to this audience over the years.

Starting from 2017, thanks to the commitment of the Civil Service volunteers in the project "Musei Captiolini a Portata di Mano", new routes and descriptive cards have been created to support and prepare guided tactile visits. In addition, there are also some audio tales, in Italian, describing the masterpieces of the Capitoline collections, starting from the many illustrative cards already realised over the years by the volunteers of the project. Some of these cards, in Italian, are collected in a booklet available at the ticket counter.

You can browse through the different sections of this page and discover the works and the routes subject to tactile visits periodically organised at the Museum by specialised personnel.