Presentazione al tempio

Presentazione al tempio

Francesco Francia (Francesco Raibolini, Bologna 1447 ca - 1517) e Bartolomeo Passerotti (Bologna 1529 - 1592)

1514 (circa)
Material and technique: 
oil on canvas
opera alt. 243 cm larg. 257 cm
Pio Private Collection (up to 1750)
PC 12

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

Sala I - L’Italia centrale dal Medioevo al Rinascimento

The room is dedicated to Italian painting of religious subjects of the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance, from the late fourteenth to the early sixteenth century; all the paintings in this space are on panel. The bigger pictures ("altar pieces") decorated the altars of churches or chapels, the smaller ones were part of multiple panels (polyptychs). Especially in Florence, the circular format was typical of the devotional paintings for private residences and not for churches.

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