Statue of Minerva

Statua di Minerva
150 BC - 50 BC
Material and technique: 
alt. 329 cm larg. 93 (alle spalle), 68 (al bacino), 34 (alle tempie) cm
Campidoglio, Musei Capitolini (from 1534-1549)
S 37

The goddess is dressed in a long peplos, encircled just below the breast by a sash, originally made of metal. A cloak descends from her shoulders down her back, which at the front takes the form of the usual aegis (a goatskin) protected by the central Gorgon head and snakes. The left arm, bent and outstretched from the body, holds a shield (perhaps the result of an 18th-century restoration, in place of the previous metal shield); in the right hand must have been a long spear, resting on the ground. On his head he wears a tall helmet, also the result of various restorations to replace the usual type, Corinthian and metal. The statue is derived from an Attic original from the end of the 5th century BC.

The hall

Palazzo Nuovo - Atrio

Along the walls of the long porticoed ground-floor corridor opening onto the Courtyard there are large niches with statues, including colossal representations of Minerva and Mars.

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