Mensa with scenes from the life of Achilles, used in the marble decoration of an ambo in the Church of Aracoeli

Mensa con scene della vita di Achille, riutilizzata nella decorazione cosmatesca di un ambone della chiesa dell'Aracoeli.
Mosaic / Intarsia
4th century AD (mensa) - 13rd century (marble panel)
Material and technique: 
White marble, coloured marbles and vitreous paste
cm diam. 103
inv. MC0064

The hall

Museo del Palazzo dei Conservatori - Sala del Medioevo

The Hall of the sixteenth century Capitoline Archive in the Palazzo dei Conservatori houses the new Hall of the Middle Ages of the Capitoline Museums, with a striking exhibition of the honorary monument of Charles I of Anjou. In the room there are also other works that help to illustrate the history of the Capitoline in the Middle Ages.

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