Capitoline Brutus

Bruto Capitolino
4th-3rd century BC
Material and technique: 
cm 69
inv. MC1183

In 1564 Cardinal Pius da Carpi donated to the museum the magnificent bronze portrait of extraordinary expressive force. The identification of the statue with Junius Brutus, the first Roman consul, represents an astute interpretation of the antiquarian culture. However, this assertion is without any real foundation.

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

Appartamento dei Conservatori - Sala dei Trionfi

The frescoed frieze which runs along the upper part of the walls was commissioned from Michele Alberti and Jacopo Rocchetti in 1569. 
It portrays the Triumph of Lucius Aemilius Paullus over the King of Macedonia Perseus with the Capitoline and the Palazzo dei Conservatori in the background. 
The coffered wooden ceiling is the only one left among those carried out in the Palazzo by Flaminio Bolonger. 
This room also contains some large bronze sculptures: the Capitoline Brutus, the Spinario and the Camillus

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