Virtual Tour of the Capitoline Museums

The Virtual Tour of the Capitoline Museums – a Zètema Progetto Cultura production developed by HQuadro using the immersive virtual reality technology – is fully interactive and multimedia, and employs sophisticated processing techniques and photo-montage. Take a virtual walk into the halls of the museum. Use your mouse for a 360-degree view, up and down and zoom in to see works of art in detail: sculptures, paintings, architectural details, facings, ceilings and floors.
This high resolution Virtual Tour can also be played in full screen mode.
A total of 45 areas were surveyed for 71 different hot spots (points of view).
The multimedia section contains a photo gallery and an audio and video guide of the room.
Use the interactive maps and the drop-down menu to move around the museum.
All contents of the Virtual Tour have been provided by the direction of the Capitoline Museums in order to enhance the user's experience.

Scientific committee: Civic Museums Network – Rome Department of Cultural Affairs and Communication – Superintendent of Cultural Heritage of the City of Rome.

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