The chapel is dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul, patron saints of Rome, who are portrayed in the ceiling frescoes that were executed at the same time as the stucco decorations by Michele Alberti and Jacopo Rocchetti in the third decade of the XVI century. 
The painting is on slate and shows Our Lady in glory between Saints Peter and Paul, who place the city of Rome under the protection of the Virgin. Paintings portraying the four Evangelists and other saints completed the decoration of the Chapel in the seventeenth century.

Appartamento dei Conservatori - Cappella

The recent renovation allowed to reassemble the ancient chapel of the Palazzo that had suffered remarkable damages in the years.

The small room, dedicated to the Virgin Mary and the Saints Peter and Paul, was decorated with gilded stuccoes in the years 1575-1578 by the painters Michele Alberti and Jacopo Rocchetti. On the vault there are frescoes depicting scenes from the lives of the two patron saints of the city.
In the same years, Marcello Venusti painted the main altarpiece with the Virgin Mary in Glory between Saint Peter and Saint Paul: the apostles commend the city of Rome to the protection of the Virgin.

Facing the window on the long wall, there is a the fresco of the Madonna with child by Andrea di Assisi, detached from the fifteenth-century loggia of the Palazzo, covering a golden grating intended to connect the Chapel with the adjacent Hall of the Captains.

The altar frontal, inlaid with coloured marbles and with the coat of arms of the pope, was completed during the years of Urban VIII’s pontificate (1623 - 1644 ); moreover, in the same period, it was accomplished the decoration of the Chapel with paintings of the Roman school representing the Evangelists and the saints venerated in the city.

Volta a stucchi

Michele Alberti and Jacopo Rocchetti

Madonna con bambino ed angeli

Andrea d'Assisi

XV century
S. Eustachio

Pittore italiano, XVII secolo

17th century
Madonna in gloria con i SS. Pietro e Paolo

Marcello Venusti