Accessibility for visitors with mobility disabilities

Mappa percorso accessibile

How to reach the Capitoline Hill and the Capitoline Museums

Access to the Hill by car with a Blue Badge:

- cars with Blue Badges are allowed to reach the Hill from piazza della Consolazione until Via delle Tre Pile where, after the portal, there there is a reserved car park. Visitors can reach the entrance of the Museum from Piazza del Campidoglio.

Access to the Hill by taxi:

- taxis are allowed to reach the Hill from Piazza della Consolazione or from Via San Pietro in Carcere to the accesses in Piazza del Campidoglio, from where it is possible to reach the museum.

Wheelchair access to the Hill:

- from Piazza dell’Ara Coeli along Via delle Tre Pile until piazza del Campidoglio (going uphill, on the driveway);
- from Piazza della Consolazione, along Via di Monte Tarpeo and Via del Campidoglio until Piazza del Campidoglio (uphill route, on the driveway);
- from Via San Pietro in Carcere towards Piazza del Campidoglio (uphill path on the driveway).

Visiting the Capitoline Museums

If you’re planning to visit the Museums, we suggest you to inform us in advance by calling the phone number +39 0667102071.

The Museums have a limited number of wheelchairs available. They can be requested at the ticket office or asking at the museum staff.  The person who accompanies him/her must go to the ticket counter to collect the tickets.

The staff of the museum is always ready to help visitors who desire it.

From the courtyard of the Palazzo dei Conservatori, the visitor, with the help of the staff of the museum, can reach the lift that goes to the first floor of the building itself, using a platform-serving room (maximum capacity 250 kg). We recommend the use of the stair lift platform with the assistance of your carer, given the restricted space of the cabin. The visitor, with the help of the custody staff, can reach the lift, where the itinerary starts from the Castellani rooms (n. 13), through the Halls of the Eagles, the Geese, the She-wolf, the Captains, the Horace and the Curiatians and the Horti Gallery up to the Exedra of Marcus Aurelius (n. 16).

From the Marcus Aurelius Exedra, a ramp brings to the Temple of Jupiter (no. 17-18) from where you can get the Caffarelli Garden and visit the new exhibition space.

Returning at the area of the Temple of Jupiter and through the Galleria degli Horti (n. 24), the visitor can visit the halls of the Horti of Mecenate, Tauriani and Vettiani, and Lamiani and then join the lift that goes from hall n. 27 to the Pinacoteca Capitolina.

The Picture Gallery’s lift brings back to room no. 27. From there, returning to the Castellani Halls (no. 13), it is possible to reach the lift that brings to the second floor of Palazzo Clementino Caffarelli. Here is the Capitoline medal collection and the panoramic Caffarelli terrace. With the same lift, it is possible to reach the third floor hosting temporary exhibitions. To get to the third floor, it is necessary to be accompanied by a museum attendant.

To visit Palazzo Nuovo, it is necessary return at the ground floor and, using the staircase platform, return at the Courtyard of Palazzo dei Conservatori. cross Piazza del Campidoglio and reach the entrance of the building, where museum staff will accompany them to the ramps that allow access to the museum and the internal lift.

The lift brings to the upper floor that hosts the collection of ancient sculptures.

Returning at the ground floor, a sliding ramp (maximum load 300 Kg) allows the access at the Egyptian Room.

Using the same sliding ramp, it is possible to arrive at the staircases to reach the Galleria Lapidaria, underground, that connects Palazzo dei Conservatori with Palazzo Nuovo. There are three stair lifts in all for the Gallery, with the following dimensions and capacity:

• Kg 230: platform width 70 cm; length 83 cm
• Kg 230: platform width 70 cm; length 83 cm
• Kg 230: platform width 70 cm; length 83 cm

The fourth Staircase lift provides the possibility to reach the Tabularium from where it is possible to see the wonderful view of the Roman Forum:

• Kg 190: platform width 70 cm; length 85 cm

The itinerary is approximately about 20 minutes long