Hall of the Galatian

The centre of the room features the so-called "Dying Galatian", one of the best-known and most important works in the museum. 
It is a replica of one of the sculptures in the ex-voto group dedicated to Pergamon by Attalus I to commemorate the victories over the Galatians in the III and II centuries BC.

Palazzo Nuovo - Sala del Gladiatore

Statua dell'"Antinoo Capitolino"
Hadrianic period
Statua di Amazzone ferita
From an original by Phidias. Head: replica of that of the Amazon by Polykleitos
Statua di Amore e Psiche
From a Greek original of the 2nd century BC
Statua di Satiro in riposo
From an original by Praxiteles
Statua di Iside
Hadrianic period (117-138 AD)
Statua del "Galata Capitolino"
From a Pergamene original