IV Hall - Artistic trends in Rome during the seventeeth century

The room contains works that date between the third and sixth decades of the seventeenth century. They are ascribable to the intense period of the Roman Baroque art production. Rome was a place of meeting, formation, and study of artists from different places during the first half of the seventeenth century.

Sala IV - Tendenze artistiche a Roma nel Seicento
Erminia tra i pastori

Giovanni Lanfranco (Parma 1582 - Rome 1647)

Adorazione del vitello d'oro

François Perrier (Pontarlier 1594 - Paris 1649)

Santa Cecilia

Giovanni Francesco Romanelli (Viterbo 1610 - 1662)

Paesaggio con greggi

Pietro Paolo Bonzi (Cortona 1576 circa - Rome 1636)