Scarabeo della caccia ai leoni di Amenhotep III

Scarabeo della caccia ai leoni di Amenhotep III
Jewel, gem, seal
Nuovo Regno: XVIII dinastia (XVI-XIV secolo a.C.)
Material and technique: 
Steatite beige
mm 36 x 22
Acquisto Bonhams, Londra 28.04.2010, già collezione R.H. Blanchard
inv. 528

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Palazzo Clementino Caffarelli - Collezione Santarelli

This room houses the glyptic collection of the Dino and Ernesta Santarelli Foundation, on loan for 10 years at the Capitoline Museums, with items from ancient Egypt, the Near East, from the Greek-Roman world and modern Europe, and presented with a complete educational resource, accompanied by explanatory panels, multimedia tools and illustrative films on the technical processes of glyptic art.

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