Meetings for teachers and university students

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A large shared workshop

Now in its tenth edition, Educating about exhibitions, Educating about the city continues to offer a wide choice of meetings, guided visits to museums and exhibitions, conferences, historical, artistic, social and scientific insights, for a reasoned reading of the history of Rome from the city centre to the suburbs.

Educating about exhibitions, Educating about the city is conceived to facilitate and deepen interdisciplinary dialogue. As in a large shared laboratory, museum directors, researchers, scholars and university professors transmit experiences and share analyses with the public, in a program that deliberately mixes humanistic and scientific themes, to be transformed into educational and cultural growth paths.

From February 2021 to May 2021.

For whom?
Given its formative nature, Educating about exhibitions, Educating about the city is included in Patrimonio in Comune. Conoscere è Partecipare, an educational program dedicated to citizens of all ages. The goal of the initiative is to transform the meetings into an opportunity for teachers, university students and a wider audience, to enrich their knowledge thanks to a permanent training offer.

Where is it?
The meetings will be held on the Google Suite platform. On-site meetings will also be streamed.

We value your presence!
Teachers: the program is valid for the school staff training and updating on the S.O.F.I.A. platform of the MIUR.
The training initiatives will be activated in the Catalogue of the platform (provider of the initiative: Capitoline Superintendence for Cultural Heritage)

University students: the credits (CFU) are validated for some of the degree courses at La Sapienza University of Rome, Tor Vergata University of Rome, RomaTre University of Rome and the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.

Educating about exhibitions, Educating about the city has been realized thanks to a joined work in the internet together with other institutions: the Libraries of Rome, the Library of Modern and Contemporary History, the History Anthropology Religion Performing Art Department of La Sapienza University, the degree course in Cultural Heritage of the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of Tor Vergata University of Rome, RomaTre Department of Architecture, the Academy of Fine Arts, the National Academy of San Luca and the Italian Society of Historians.

The Volunteers of the National Civil Service, a project of the Capitoline Superintendence “Let's educate together 4.0”, cooperate in the implementation of the program.